Monday, May 26, 2014

Louise Rutkowski, Diary of a Lost Girl

A new album by Louise Rutkowski titled Diary of a Lost Girl was released on Jock Records in February of 2014.

Recently, I emailed the Scottish singer songwriter and asked if her new album of ethereal electro pop had any relationship to Louise Brooks. She wrote back, "There is indeed a relation between my new album title and Louise Brooks.  I have been a fan since I was a teenager."

Diary of a Lost Girl is the first solo album from Rutkowski,  former vocalist with This Mortal Coil and The Hope Blister.  Rutkowski signed with CBS Records at age 19, recording three singles and an album with soul producer Pete Wingfield. However, it's her work with cult independent label 4AD and the above named bands for which she is best known.

Funded through the direct-to-fan platform PledgeMusic, Diary of a Lost Girl has been described by supporters as "A truly haunting and beautiful album," and "Beautiful, stirring, and alive with emotion." The Daily Express called it "a gorgeous and simple album that highlights her powerful voice." The Scotsman said it was "immaculately produced" and "elegantly accomplished." The Louise Brooks Society agrees.

Louise Rutkowski in 1996
Produced by Irvin Duguid, the album includes mixes by Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile), and Steve Orchard; it also marks Rutkowski's return to writing original material  her first compositions since her music career began with the soul-influenced band Sunset Gun.

Rutkowski went on to note: "I first came across Louise Brooks when I was in my early 20s and in my first band.  I saw a photograph of her and was totally enchanted by her look.  I collected many photographs (two of which are still on my walls at home), I read Barry Paris’ biography, and went to see her films at the Scala in London (now a music venue).  Sadly, my book and photograph collection got destroyed in a house fire, but I still have a few things left.  One is the Diary of a Lost Girl poster, which hangs in my flat. I also remember watching an interview with her when she was older?  I have Kenneth Tynan in my head but not sure if that’s correct."

"I also had my hair in a bob for many years! I was, and still am, inspired by her.  It wasn’t just her look, it was her acting and who she was as a person – so feisty and witty."

"As for the album title, I had been searching for a while for a suitable one, and found myself staring at the poster one night, realising 'that was it'!  I chose it as it fitted perfectly with the feeling behind the songs as a collection.  This is a very personal album, written mostly around the time of my mother’s death (also a huge film fan and admirer of LB), and the word 'lost' rather fitted at that point. It has such a beautiful ring to it in any event."

Louise Rutkowski in 2014
The Louise Brooks Society encourages everyone to check out Louise Rutkowski's new album, Diary of a Lost Girl.

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