Monday, May 5, 2014

Italian television adaption of The Canary Murder Case

Here is La Canarina Assassinata, a Italian television adaption of The Canary Murder Case. The 1929 film version featured Louise Brooks as the Canary. This more recent adaption, from the 1970s, has a "Jazz Age" feel about it.

La Canarina Assassinata was shown in September 1974 on the Public Radio and Television Company (RAI1), together with two other Philo Vance films, La fine dei Green (The Greene Murder Case) and La morte del signor Benson (The Benson Murder Case). The films starred Giorgio Albertazzi, a famous Italian actor; both he and the Canary, blonde Virna Lisi, are still active today. Here is the Italian Wikipedia page for the series, and here is a page featuring the DVD release. Thanks to Gianluca for a heads up on this film.

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