Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Louise Brooks stars in Pandora's Box in Luxembourg

Pandora's Box (1929), starring Louise Brooks, will be shown in Luxembourg on February 4th. Here is the write-up from the venue, Philharmonie, place de l’Europe, Luxembourg-Kirchberg.

"The Ensemble Kontraste from Germany performs its score for Pandora’s Box at the Philharmonie. 

With her iconic bob haircut and sultry smile, Louise Brooks became an icon late in life--it was only in the 1950s when her work was rediscovered by French film critics and then later she was adopted as a symbol of sexual freedom by the gay and lesbian community.

The latter canonisation may well have been thanks to her performance in Georg Wilhelm Pabst’s 1929 silent classic Die Büchse der Pandora, in which she plays Lulu, whose lack of inhibitions bring ruin and tragedy to all, including herself. The film is also one of the first to portray a lesbian (played by Alice Roberts).

The great critic Roger Ebert best described Brooks’ performance in the film when he wrote that she “regards us from the screen as if the screen were not there; she casts away the artifice of film and invites us to play with her.”

However, critics at the time of the film’s release were generally less enthused and some even said Brooks was unattractive. It is now considered one of the greats of German silent cinema.

It is screened at the Philharmonie with live music from the Ensemble Kontraste, conducted by Frank Strobel and playing a score especially composed for the film by Peer Raben."

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