Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Denishawn article from the Ohio State University newspaper

As was mentioned in the previous post, over this past weekend I was in Columbus, Ohio and took the opportunity to visit the Ohio State University Thompson Library where I came across a few clippings in the school's student newspaper which were related to Louise Brooks.

Here is an article which appeared in The Lantern around the time of Louise Brooks first appearance in the city as a member of the Denishawn Dance Company. This piece doesn't mention Brooks specifically (other Denishawn articles from the time sometimes do). Nevertheless, it give a sense of the era and of Brooks' time in Denishawn. Brooks dances in Columbus twice, on Thursday March 8, 1923 and Saturday, November 24, 1923. Both were evening performances. Martha Graham was in the company during the first performance.

The piece is presented here for your amusement.

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