Monday, July 1, 2013

Nitrate Dreams by Colette Saint Yves

Nitrate Dreams from Colette Saint Yves on Vimeo.

Colette Saint Yves (born Hortense Lagrange in 1987) is a French photographer, video artist, and collage artist. Saint Yves is a descendent of the mathematician and astronomer, Joseph-Louis Lagrange. She has said in an interview that she chose her pseudonym in tribute to the French writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, because she read Sido when she was a teenager and was impressed by the book.

Saint Yves is known for taking her inspiration from early cinema and especially from actors and actresses such as Louise Brooks, Theda Bara, Lillian Gish, Musidora, Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre. Her work is inspired by the artist Joseph Cornell.

Her photography has been featured in the magazines Petits Points and We Are Selecters, as well as on the blogs. Her video piece entitled "Nitrate Dreams," a tribute to Louise Brooks, was featured on Eva Truffaut's blog, "Archives & Mythologie des Lucille."

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