Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Check out the new & improved Louise Brooks Society blog!

I've been hard at work on the Louise Brooks Society blog, cleaning things up and adding little refinements here and there. . . . A couple of newest refinements are the addition of the "ShareThis" social media bar and the Disqus commenting platform. So, by all means, spread the word. Leave a comment or "Like" or tweet about an LBS blog post.

I've also added acurated Amazon store fully stocked with Louise Brooks related books, DVD's, CDs and mp3 singles. More items will be added over time. There are also more blogs and website links in the right hand column.

The Louise Brooks Society blog here on Blogger began in June, 2009. Slowly, I am also in the process of transferring many of the posts from the old blog at LiveJournal (which started in 2002) over to Blogger. 

The Louise Brooks Society is a pioneer. In two years, when this blog finally becomes a teenager, the Louise Brooks Society website will celebrate 20 years on the web.

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