Friday, June 21, 2013

On the road with Laura Moriarty & The Chaperone

Bestselling author Laura Moriarty is on the road touring in support of her celebrated novel, The Chaperone (Riverhead). It is now out in softcover. As is evident from the cover, the book features Louise Brooks as a character. If you want to keep up with the author, check out her Facebook page. Here are a few snapshots from her tour.

The Chaperone on display at a local bookstore.
In a round-up of new paperbacks, the June 23 New York Times describes the book this way: THE CHAPERONE, by Laura Moriarty. (Riverhead, $16.) As a willful 15-year-old from Kansas, the silent-film star Louise Brooks traveled with a chaperone to New York in 1922 to attend dance school. In Moriarty’s charming historical novel, Brooks’s staid Midwestern matron has her own reasons for going to New York, and finds herself questioning the confines of her life.

A large display piece.

A group of fans from Dayton, OH hold a copy of
The Chaperone and a portrait of Louise Brooks.

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  1. Hard to put down. You. Feel like you know the characters. A book I will definitely revisit. Good read!


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