Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Must watch video: Martin Scorsese talks about film

Must watch video: Martin Scorsese talking about film. No mention of Louise Brooks, but
much talk of silent film and a brief glimpse of Colleen Moore.

"But what happens when a movie is seen out of its time? For me, 1951 [when he saw The Day the Earth Stood Still was my present, when I saw it. I was nine. For someone born twenty years later, when they see the movie it's a different story. Someone born today, they'll see it with completely different eyes and a whole other frame of reference. Different values, uninhibited by the biases of the time when the picture was made. Because you can only see the world through your own time, which mean that some values disappear and some values come into closer focus. Same film, same images, but in the case of a great film, the power, the timeless power that really can't be articulated, that power is there even when the context has completely changed."    Watch the full lecture here

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