Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Louise Brooks inspired electro swing speakeasy

Speaking of Louise Brooks ever growing popularity in England . . . . in London, there is a popular  electro swing speakeasy called White Mink which has more than a little Louise Brooks about it. Witness their Louise Brooks pearls-portrait look-alike logo.

And too, this promotional image for White Mink's larger venue in Brighton, which uses an early Louise Brooks nude.

What's it all about? Here is what the website itself says. "WHITE MINK is the zeitgeist-capturing speakeasy where the sounds and styles of the 1920s and 30s are turned on their head and smuggled into the 21st century.

What started out as a launch party for our compilation CD series; White Mink : Black Cotton (Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz), became the accidental hub of a clubbing scene and subsequently a hot festival circuit attraction. White Mink also runs the regularly sold out Electro Swing nights at London’s Book Club, our own pop-up nights and has hosted stages at dozens of major UK festivals since 2009.

The production company is run by a stylish triumvirate of Nick Hollywood, Chris Tofu and Dan O’Neill. Under the White Mink name they bring together the finest DJs, VJs, live bands, dancers, cabaret and burlesque performers for an unforgettable and unrivaled speakeasy experience."

For more about White Mink, check out their website. It is full of stylish video, audio, images, events  and more.

On a not unrelated note, the Louise Brooks Society has also noticed a Youtube video of a retro-styled "chap-off" which took place at a White Mink event. The screen grab shown here includes the famous pearls portrait of Louise Brooks displayed on stage.

The video embedded below, "Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer Vs Professor Elemental," was shot in Sussex, England in 2011. 

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