Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another new Lulu comic, Louise et les loups, by Marion Mousse

Lulu, by John Linton Roberson, is not the only new Lulu-inspired comic. . . . Only recently, I was made aware of Louise Brooks tome 1 - Louise et les loups, by Marion Mousse. This 160-page French release, whose subtitle translates as Louise and Wolves, dates from late 2012.

The description from Amazon France, translated on Google Chrome, reads "What remains of Louise Brooks today? Everyone knows that face the evil and unforgettable beauty, but what do we know of the silent film star who is a few years past the ephemeral actress status to icon? Louise Brooks, wife of 20 years, is still the epitome of fatal beauty. A free agent, who wanted to enjoy his life, beyond a sexist and hypocritical morality which reduced its simple role as a woman. In the vein of Seth and Daniel Clowes, Marion Moss gives us a biography in the form of testimony by which we discover the battle of the actress. A strong and humorous graphic style to elegant narrative."

The author biography, from the same page, reads "Marion Moss was born in 1974 in Chabeuil (26) and now lives in Marseille. His first comic book published in 2001: Phineas, album black and white pseudo-philosophical but humorous published by TreizeÉtrange. It then adjusts Moonfleet, a novel published in 1896 Falkner, also made into a film by Fritz Lang in 1954, Moonfleet. He then launches into a loose adaptation of the novel by Théophile Gautier: Sunder will be published in three volumes between May 2004 and May 2005. In From Outer Space, released in late 2006 at Six feet underground, Marion Moss to offer a parody of science fiction through his hero Everett Scool, traveling interstellar trade and representative combs ... In brown head, he wrote in a thriller Las Vegas 60s around the controversial figure of Frank Sinatra. Amateur film of the year 50/60, but also a great reader of science fiction novels, he confesses his admiration for Jarry Queneau. And BD, De Crecy, Blutch, Sempe and Mignola .. More recently, he adapted Scum days of Boris Vian Delcourt (collection mirages)."

Despite the rough translation, one can gleam enough to more or less understand what it's about. (Here is a French language review.) I haven't yet seen a copy, but hope to get one soon - if I can find one. Has anyone seen this new comic?

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