Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Louise Brooks shout out on SNL

Louise Brooks got a shout out on this past weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live. Former CIA Director David Petraeus' personal life was fodder for the show's opening skit, a send-up of the C-SPAN Book TV series. The sketch featured "Paula Broadwell" reading from her Petraeus biography, All In, at a local bookstore. However, in this satirical version of All In, Broadwell—played by Cecily Strong—gave a more lurid portrayal of Petraeus' time as commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan:
The deadbolt slid into place with a loud thunk, and I knew the junior officers outside could easily tell what was going on, but I was beyond caring. The general reached into his desk drawer and pulled something out. ‘Put this on, Paula.’ It was a synthetic wig cut Louise Brooks-style and cotton candy pink. ‘No, David, it makes me feel like a dirty girl,’ I whispered. ‘But you are a dirty girl, Paula,’ he replied. ‘You’re my dirty girl. Now get on that couch.

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