Monday, September 10, 2012

Jean-Marc Paumier - Rue meurt d'art : Louise Brooks

Louise Brooks is especially popular, and even beloved, in France..... Take, for example, the noted French artist Jean-Marc Paumier, who has something of a "special affection" for the silent film star.  Paumier is a graffiti artist (akin to Banksy) who has depicted Brooks on more than one occasion on the streets of Paris. Check out this 2009 image from the Square St Laurent in Paris, which is part of a Flickr photostream called "Louise Brooks - Rue Meurt d'Art."

Louise Brooks - Rue Meurt d'Art (064)

A google of the terms "Jean-Marc Paumier" and "Louise Brooks" will turn up more images and webpages. Also, check out this video of another Paumier depiction of Brooks on a building in Paris.

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