Sunday, September 9, 2012

French documentary: Louise Brooks - Cinq pas vers le mythe

Embedded below is a French documentary in two parts: Louise Brooks - Cinq pas vers le mythe. I just came across it online. This approximately 35 minute film can be found on the three disc box set issued by Coffret in France back in 2004. I have a copy, and it is indispensable! It may also be out of print.

Not only does this set contain this rare short film, but other long and short form documentary material as well - as well as the French versions of Brooks' three European films, Loulou (Pandora's Box), Le journal d'une fille perdue (Diary of a Lost Girl), and Prix de beauté.

Louise Brooks - Cinq pas vers le mythe looks at Brooks her life in the 1920s and reputation as a flapper, the interest the surrealists had in Brooks, her relationship with the French curator Henri Langlois, nouvelle vague, and an interview with the French illustrator Floc'h, who, like Guido Crepax, based a comic book series on the actress.

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