Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adieu Village Voice bookshop

According to an article on the Huffington Post, Village Voice - the venerable English-language Paris bookshop, will close at the end of July. 

Back in January of 2011, I spoke at Village Voice about the "Louise Brooks edition" of Margarete Böhme's The Diary of a Lost Girl. It was a great event! The turn-out was large, at least 50 Parisians were there, including noted authors John Baxter and Roland Jaccard. Pictured below, on the left holding my "Louise Brooks edition" of The Diary of a Lost Girl is the French translator of the Barry Paris biography (whose name escapes me), myself in the middle, and on the right holding his Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star is the French journalist and critic Roland Jaccard. 

At the event I also met Sebastian Pesle, the student filmmaker whose short film, Loving Louise Brooks, caused a bit of a stir on the internet. Sebastian and I are pictured below, standing in front of the screen of my slide show presentation.

Bookshops are wonderful places, filled with interesting books and interesting people. That is especially true of Village Voice. One of the employees there, Vincent Pierrot, was himself a big Louise Brooks fan. His favorite film starring the actress was A Girl in Every Port. He made sure that my book as well as Jaccard's and some of his own Louise Brooks' DVD and video cassettes were all on display in the shop window promoting my event, Here is a snap of Vincent and I.

And here, lastly, is a snapshot of my book on display in Paris! Village Voice may still have a few copies left, as I left them with some copies to sell. Should you visit the store before it closes, and I recommend you do if you live in Paris, then please do ask for the book. (The French Cinémathèque also has a copy in their research library, should Village Voice be sold out.)

Adieu Village Voice bookshop. You will be missed. You have done much for the world of arts and letters and culture and film.

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  1. Another great article on the closing of this great bookshop - from the New Yorker


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