Friday, December 10, 2010

Artist Includes Louise Brooks in Mural Series

A Kansas artist has included an image of Louise Brooks in a series of murals currently on display in a museum in Salina, Kansas. The portrait of Brooks is part of the exhibit, "Remarkable Kansas Women," by Jennifer Randall at the Smoky Hill Museum. The Salina Journal ran a piece about the exhibit, which is about to go on display in Salina. An image of Randall's art can be found at

And here is a page from artist Jennifer Randall's website about Louise Brooks which includes a better image of her piece depicting the Kansas born and raised film star. 


  1. i like the cigarette... a reminder of a little vice, and spice...
    in our shiny, happy, sin-free world-
    where everyone is supposed to be so perfect

    which is also boring as hell sometimes, for it

    and presumptuous as all get out...
    like, its going to stop you from dying or something?

    oh wait, sally field is telling me something about boniva

    vincent, in buffalo

  2. More on the exhibit and artist at


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