Saturday, October 16, 2010

For the record

For the record, this is not an image of Louise Brooks - just a nice-looking contemporary look-alike. This model, namely Mischa Barton, is sometimes mistaken for the silent film star, and this image is being offered on eBay as an image of Louise Brooks. Not.


  1. She looks nothing like Louise, she's just styled like her. To me it looks like Mischa Barton.

  2. Speaking of look-alikes, this pastel artwork is also being passed off as Louise Brooks. I don't think it is.

  3. It is Mischa Barton. She did a whole photo spread in which she was done up to look like various stars of Old Hollywood.

  4. well, i colorize old photographs (at my blog at, and (having had the pleasure to work with photos of louise many times)i can tell you that painting that they say is louise is NOT and CANNOT be louise.
    #1. the bone structure on her face is way off. louise had high cheekbones and a long delicate nose, this painting is all together too plump.
    #2. the bangs are combed in a direction that, even in her earliest years, louise never combed them.
    #3. her upper lip is not the correct shape, too clara bow like.
    #4. her eyes are far to mundane, they do not look with the feirceness that louise possesed, they are boring.
    #5. louise's eyebrows were farther apart and thinner than they are in this painting


    I am always a little surprised that people do not see the difference. So bravo to the photographer!


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