Monday, September 27, 2010

A Beggars of Life revival redux

Beggars of Life, the 1928 silent film featuring Louise Brooks, is undergoing a revival – and in more ways and more instances than even I had been aware.

On September 19, Beggars of Life was screened at the 30th Cambridge Film Festival in Cambridge, England. The live musical accompaniment for the event was provided by the Dodge Brothers.

In April, as readers of this blog may remember, the British roots music combo had accompanied the film at a screening which was part of the British Silent Film Festival.

AND now, reports the Daily Echo, a UK newspaper, the Dodge Brothers were at it again. “The band was back in action at Brockenhurst College last night when eight bicycles were used to power a projector for a screening of Beggars of Life, a 1928 silent movie starring Wallace Beery, Louise Brooks and Richard Arlen. Music was by The Dodge Brothers and silent film pianist Neil Brand.”

Bicycle powered projectors! Who woulda thunk? (more at

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