Monday, August 2, 2010

An unusual girl, an unusual photo

In the past, I've blogged about some of the various newspapers around the country which are selling off their photographic archives. Among them is the Chicago Tribune - one of the country's great newspapers. I once spent a few days in Chicago pouring over past issues.

Some of these photos are being sold on eBay, where just recently three Tribune images have shown up. One of them, seemingly colorized, is rather unusual.

According to a scan of the reverse of the photo provided by the seller, the photo is dated (or at least stamped) October 4, 1928. This photo likely dates from around the time when Louise Brooks left for Germany to begin filming Pandora's Box.

Without examining the photo itself, it's hard to say if the pattern on Brooks' jacket is actual, an enhancement, or just a creative embellishment. Whatever the case, I like it.

The other two images from the Chicago Tribune archive, each of which show photo retouching typical of the time, can be found here and here. Be sure and check them out.


  1. Hi Thomas, I wanted to thank you for mentioning Tribune Photos, and let you know that the jacket is, in fact, embellished. It was common for photos in that time to have to be manually edited with contrast to show up better in print, but the time and effort someone took to embellish this particular photo is pretty rare. It was a real labor of love for Ms. Brooks.

    Thanks so much,

    Customer Service Manager

  2. love this one.
    and even better for that bit, knowing it was manually embellished.

    makes me think of the great art of intarsia, especially as developed in siena, italy.


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