Monday, April 12, 2010

Louise Brooks on music flier

Jason alerted me to a flier he found recently which features an image of Louise Brooks. It promotes an upcoming June 12th show in Phoenix, Arizona featuring two bands, Cheap Girls from Lansing, Michigan and The Menzingers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to the Pyscho Steve Presents website, "Cheap Girls from Lansing, Michigan will be back in Phoenix at The Rogue Bar on Saturday June 12th. With them will be The Menzingers.

The honest and straightforward rock that Cheap Girls brings might successfully transport some to the days when slick overproduction was unheard of and autotuned vocals were just a myth. Influenced by the Lemonheads, Superchunk, The Old 97’s, Green Day, Superdrag and Samiam, they produce a sound filled with pounding drums, jangly guitars and super sweet vocal melodies that harkens back to a simpler time and place. The band is now on Paper and Plastick with their last album/first for the label Find Me a Drink Home having come out last year."

I don't know if Cheao Girls has any Louise Brooks connection; the actress may have been placed on their Phoenix flier simply by chance. Nevertheless, I visited the Cheap Girls myspace page and checked out some of their music - and liked it. They have I good sound for a Michigan band. (Full disclosure: I used to in East Lansing some years back.) Their myspace page also has tour info for the next few months.

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