Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iceland and Louise Brooks, in the news

The recent eruption of a volcano in Iceland and the havoc it is causing across Europe has returned the island nation to the news.

Louise Brooks has also been "in the news" in Iceland. Here is the front page of a November, 1931 issue of the Morgunbladid newspaper from Reykjavik, Iceland. The advertisement in the upper left hand corner is for the 1930 film, Prix de Beaute, which in Icelandic was called Fegurdardrottning Evropu. The actress' name is in bold and all caps.

Other examples of advertisements for Brooks' film can be found. Individuals interested in further exploring the online Morgunbladid newspaper archive should visit this page. It is part of the VESTNORD project (1696-2002). Of course, the handful of newspapers found there are in the Icelandic language, but keyword searches in English under the name of an actor or actress will get some results. And from there, one can start to piece together bit and pieces.

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