Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vienna Art Orchestra

For completists and others who are into such things, there is a copy of a hard-to-find Vienna Art Orchestra CD for sale on eBay. This European release features a tracked titled "Louise Brooks: Lulu's Ragtime." It was released in 2007 on the Universal Music label.

According to their website, "The Vienna Art Orchestra - Europe’s leading international Jazz orchestra - was created in 1977 by mathias rüegg. Since its international breakthrough in 1981, the orchestra has made guest performances in over 55 countries, including the USA and Japan, as well as in numerous other countries in Asia and Africa. More than 100 of these performances took place at international jazz festivals. The orchestra has made more than 40 recordings, many of which have been singled out for awards. For its special brand of contemporary jazz music, which is innovative yet which pays due respect to the European and American traditions from which it comes, the Vienna Art Orchestra has also received acclaim as Best Big Band in numerous countries, including in 1984-85 from Down Beat (USA)."

I have a copy of this CD. Other tracks on this release include:

1. Jean Harlow : Blond, Sharp & Loud
2. Rita Hayworth : Latin Twister
3. Louise Brooks : Lulu's Ragtime
4. Katharine Hepburn : La Grande Dame
5. Grace Kelly : One Day My Prince Did Come
6. Judy Garland : Wizards & Blizzards
7. Josephine Baker : She Need Never Regret
8. Lauren Bacall : Smile Of Gold
9. Mae West : Bombs And Other Shells
10. Bette Davis : Smokin' With Bette
11. Ava Gardner : Gardener Of Unrealized Wishes
12. Marilyn Monroe : Behind The Mirror Of Desire
13. Jayne Mansfield : Rises And Falls

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