Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HELP: need Diary of a Lost Girl program or press book

I am currently working on a project concerning the Louise Brooks film, Diary of a Lost Girl (1929). I realize I don't have either a program or press book or campaign book for the film. (A few have slipped through my hands via eBay bidding wars.) And I would really like to look at it.

Does anyone have the issue of Film Kurier with Brooks on the cover (pictured here) which served as a kind of program for the film? Or does anyone have a French campaign book?

I would like to obtain high-res scans (300 dpi) of the Film Kurier issue or of a press book. I would also be interested in stills from the film, as well.

In return, I would be willing to trade high-res scans of other Louise Brooks' French or German press books. I have a bunch of them Please email if you can help.


  1. Thomas, you might want to check with Bruce Hershenson. He has a massive collection of pressbooks.

  2. lol, i was gonna suggest the same thing!


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