Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beggars of Life to screen in UK with live music

Mark Kermode is a BBC film critic who loves the movies. Kermode is also the resident film critic on Radio Five Live's Mayo Show and on the News Channel, and a presenter on The Culture Show who often appears on Newsnight Review.

Today, on his twice-weekly video blog, Kermode mentioned that his musical group, The Dodge Brothers, will accompany the 1928 Louise Brooks film, Beggars of Life. I am not sure where or when, as Kermode doesn't mention the details. Maybe they will emerge sometime soon . . . .


  1. A website for the Dodge Brothers (daze.demon.co.uk/DodgeGigs) has ‘em scheduled to be at the British Film Institute's Silent Cinema Festival on Sunday, April 18, for “live accompaniment to ‘Beggars of Life’”. Say no more! ... The Dodge Brothers (“DEATH BOOZE & HEARTBREAK: ride every trail!”) are NOT to be confused with GM’s Dodge Boys of yore. ... The band's sole album is called (ahem) “Luisa and the Devil” (2009). ... Mark Kermode is the author of “It’s Only a Movie: Reel Life Adventures of a Film Obsessive” (London: Random House, 2010). ... Another band member is a professor of humanities at the U. of Southampton. His favorite Louise Brooks movie would be Now We’re in the Air. Dr. Mike Hammond (q.v.).

    The BFI has yet to hand in a lineup card for their 13th Silent Cinema Festival. ... Attn: Europe. There’s still time to protest BFI-Southbank’s scurrilous movie series, “Blonde Crazy: Iconic Movie Blondes” (February 26—March 17). Unless they include Peggy Cummins.

  2. It's on at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester, tickets are already on sale, it's a bugger to find online, i'll try to find them for you, they're in my twitter / facebook feeds somewhere...


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