Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in the USSR

This Soviet era Louise Brooks postcard is currently for sale on eBay. The seller, who lives in Poland, states the postkarte is from 1928. (The portrait, incidentally, is by M.I. Boris, a NYC-based photographer who once was the, or a, court photographer to the Austro-Hungarian Empire prior to WWI. Or at least that's what his son once told me. Boris took this image in 1925.)


  1. Dr. David S. Shields of the University of South Carolina has posted compositions on early twentieth century "Broadway Photographers" at Among those he's written about are Boris, De Mirjian, Johnston, Steichen -- and Hal Phyfe, who, he says, opened a photography studio on East 72nd Street in 1926.

    According to, though, "one of the rarest [koff!] prints of Brooks known" was taken by Hal Phyfe in the glorious summer of 1925 (and will be sold on Saturday). Monsieur darkwoods, a regular contributor to the underrated LBS Message Boards, posted a link to the Item the other day. It bears repeating:

    I call it simply, "Lulu Anticipating Buck and Duke".

    Did Louise help Hal launch a 30-year career in photography?

    BISCUITS: Marie Lu

    P.S. Also on Saturday: “What’s the Matter With Kansas?”, at Rochester’s Dryden Theatre.

  2. hi, I'am pleased to see my photo here ;) I updated the quality of my scans, please use them for your purposes if you wish, greetings from Poland


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