Monday, March 1, 2010

Andy's Theatre holiday fare 1927

Had I been a Louise Brooks' fan living along the north coast of California, I would have paid at least a couple of visits to Andy's Theatre in the town of Albion (near Mendocino). As can be seen from these two newspaper advertisements, this small town theatre showed two Brooks' films during the 1927 holiday season.

Now We're in the Air was shown on November 20th, along with the shorts One Sunday Morning and M.G.M. No. 20. And The City Gone Wild was shown on December 22th (as A City Gone Wild), along with an unnamed comedy and Paramount News, 33. Interestingly, One Sunday Morning (1926), was directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and stars Oakland-born comedian Lloyd Hamilton.

These advertisements are typical of the kind found in small town newspapers. I found them this past weekend while researching film exhibition in Northern California. What I wasn't able to find was any information about Andy's Theatre. The always informative Cinema Treasures website didn't have an entry on this local venue with the idiosyncratic name.

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  1. Twenty cents for a cheap seat?!

    I'm curious to know about Willits. During the Cold War, I had immediate family there, and it's where I took my first "film appreciation" course. At Cinema Treasures they mention a "Willits Theatre", which stood closed in 1943.


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