Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vintage postcards on eBay

Attention Louise Brooks collectors. There are a bunch of rather nice vintage Louise Brooks postcards for sale on eBay. They are all of French, German, or Austrian origin. (A few weeks back, there was even a scarce vintage Russian postcard for sale.)

Visit eBay and search under "Louise Brooks" and "postcards." You are sure to find them. The asking price is a bit steep, with opening bids starting in the low three figures (around $100.00). Nevertheless, its always fun to look. Here is one of my very favorites, a French postcard circa 1930 featuring an intense close-up of the actress.


  1. it truly amazes me the prices Lousie Brooks cards are getting. i just picked up a vintage circa 1929 Clara bow 5x7 for $11, but one couldnt even touch a Louise Brooks for anywhere near that price.
    that is nice one btw....what a face *sigh*

  2. That one's beautiful! I've never seen it before.


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