Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lulu now, Lulu forever - European shop windows

Here are a couple of pictures of shop windows in Europe. The first, of a store window (likely a photography studio) is from Paris circa 1929 / 1930. It features Louise Brooks' image which are either for sale (quick, get the time machine) or as examples of the studio's work. At the time, Louise was the toast of the town.

The second, of a cartoon museum (?) or shop in Rome, is a contemporary image. It features images of the Louise Brooks inspired cartoon Valentina, by the late Guido Crepax.

Know of other similar images? Please let everyone know or send scans to the Louise Brooks Society. [ When I used to work as a bookseller on Haight Street in San Francisco I did my part: I used to quietly sneak books into the store window displays which featured Brooks' image. And they often drew customers in to purchase a book. . . . ]


  1. I just found this piece:

    If I've read it before it's been a long time ago.

  2. According to LBS friend Gianluca Chiovelli (who provided the image), the shop window from Rome is

    Linearia Art & Museum Store
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 5

  3. PLease, may i borrow the time machine after you finish with it?I need it too!

    See here a picture of a small "second-hand" bookshop (in Spain) with and interesting (and beautiful) book in its display.

    Very interesting blog of yours


  4. Thank you Diana. I used to work in a bookstore and enjoyed looking at those pictures

  5. ~~~It's this love I have for books that's made me the smartest idiot in the world. LOUISE BROOKS

    "In a corner sat a very beautiful girl reading the aphorisms of Schopenhauer in an English translation," Lotte Eisner says.

    Which edition was she reading? This may be shadows on a cave wall, but, WorldCat lists three English translations published in the twenties. "The Wisdom of Life : being the first part of Arthur Schopenhauer's Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit", translated by T[homas] Bailey Saunders, was published by George Allen and Sons in 1890, reprinted in 1923.

    "Counsels and Maxims : being the second part ...", came out of George Allen & Unwin in 1924 -- in January, to be exact (I have it at hand, albeit in library binding) -- as the first reprint since 1912 (June), the eighth reprint overall. ... Stanford University has both "parts".

    At some point in the twenties, Saunders’s translation of "The Wisdom of Life" was published in Girard, Kansas! 30 miles from Cherryvale, by (Mr.) E. Haldeman-Julius (q.v.). Not likely, eh? to have been in Berlin, or on board the Majestic.

    Saunders (1860-1928), an Oxford man (“he took second classes in both Moderation and Lit. Hum.”—The Times), knocked off several translations of Schopenhauer, including "The Art of Literature"; also Goethe's "Literature and Art", newly at better bookstores in 1922.

    Bookstores! It’s uncanny how the Paris shoppe prefigures LBS HQ. And thank you! for identifying the store in Rome, for us complet sts.


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