Monday, February 15, 2010

Familiar with ? It's a great site - like Pandora - where you can listen to music over the internet. Yesterday, I set up a page on for the Louise Brooks Society. This new satellite site can be found at

And in setting up a profile, I also created a playlist of some of the music which can be heard RadioLulu, the online radio station of the LBS.

Generally speaking, this short playlist contains contemporary tracks about or inspired by Louise Brooks. There is Les Primitifs du Futur (featuring comix artist Robert Crumb) performing "Chanson pour Louise Brooks," Jen Anderson's "Lulu - The Song," Soul Coughing's "St. Louise is Listening," Marillion's "Interior Lulu," OMD's "Pandora's Box," a couple of tracks by Clan of Xymox, and John SaFranko's "The Final Years of Louise Brooks."

In the future, I hope to add some more tracks to the playlist, doesn't contain some fo the more obscure Brooks' inspired tracks. And sometime soon, hopefully, I'll be able to add a track or two from Rufus Wainwright's forthcoming All Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu.

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