Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best film books of 2009

For those interested, I recently posted an article on highlighting what I consider the "Best Film Books of 2009." Of course, I limited the list to titles largely about the silent film and pre-code eras (the time when Louise Brooks was most active as an actress). If you care to take look, the article can be found at


  1. My boyfriend got me Dear Stinkpot for Christmas! I'm already a third of the way through and it's marvelous.

  2. Dear Disposable Darling, of course we are glad you got "Dear Stinkpot" for Christmas but didn't you open your presents a little early this year ?

  3. We did a tradeoff where we each gave the other one item from our Christmas presents early. I just wanted something to read, and I had a feeling he might've gotten it for me. Yay


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