Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Louise Brooks: Show Girl in Hollywood

On eBay, there is a 1929 issue of Liberty magazine for sale which contains an excerpt of Show Girl in Hollywood, the J.P. McEvoy novel featuring Dixie Dugan - a show girl character inspired by Louise Brooks. It's pretty obvious from the page scanned below that J.H. Striebel also based his illustrations of the Dixie Dugan character on Louise Brooks.

The novel, originally published in serial form in Liberty and then in book form by Simon & Schuster, has long been out of print.I have long hoped someone would republish it with the original Striebel illustrations. I would think that with all the current interest in Louise Brooks, a reprint would be a good seller. (I know a lot of Louise Brooks fans that would buy a copy.)


  1. Why cant you? Still under copyright? I think it would be very interesting to see!

  2. Apparently, the reprints of vintage "True Story" magazines (done a couple of years ago) sold remarkably well. Even if this were printed in comic/magazine form, it'd probably still sell relatively well in the market.

  3. I have vintage copies of both Show Girl and Show Girl in Hollywood. Great reads! Fingers crossed for a reprint with the original illustrations.


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