Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Stinkpot: Letters from Louise Brooks

Happy Birthday Louise Brooks. Our favorite silent film star was born on this day in 1906 in Cherryvale, Kansas.

To mark the occasion, I posted an article on about the just published book,  Dear Stinkpot: Letters from Louise Brooks (BearManor). I read and loved this new book - and I think any fan of the actress will love it too. I recommend it.

Not only was Dear Stinkpot an entertaining read, it was also interesting. I felt a learned new things about the actress I hadn't known before. Like the radio shows she did in the early 1960's !

Dear Stinkpot, by Jan Wahl, is available on-line and at better book stores. Check it out. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Happy birthday, Brooksie! Twenty-five years have passed since you were in Rochester to turn the page. I checked the Democrat and Chronicle to see about November 14th in 1984. The top story: "$500,000 Blaze Stunts Renovation of Old City Hall".
    "...The (1875) building's bell tower, which houses Rochester's 3-ton bell nicknamed 'Big Ben,' was damaged. However, the historic bell -- used in the early days as the city's main fire alarm -- was saved." In a sidebar, it was noted that Governor Grover Cleveland, the President-elect, spoke in the building's auditorium in 1884.
    A regional item that may have caught your eye: New York wineries released their 1984 nouveau a day before the French released their nouveau. "Wines from 12 wineries were delivered via long-distance runners", including the State Agricultural Commissioner, "to Turback's Restaurant in Ithaca." (Michael Turback wrote a book whose title may ring a bell: "A Month of Sundaes".)
    The Little Theatre was showing UNDER THE VOLCANO (John Huston, 1906-1987). I'll bet you stayed home and watched "Mork and Mindy" at 7, because "that man makes me laugh", hunh. (Source: Richard Koszarski, whom you met in 1979; recently in town for ROBIN HOOD (1922).)
    I also looked at the D&C of 50 years ago. November 14th, 1959, was the 117th birthday of Colonel Walter Williams, C.S.A., the last surviving veteran of the Civil War. He wanted "people and music".
    It was nice of you to visit, a couple of nights ago. I don't why I asked if you like Tabasco sauce. But you looked just as good as you do in that still from LULU IN BERLIN that I keep on my electronic writing tablet; and you certainly spoke forthrightly! I trust it means a happy birthday for you.
    P.S. "City", a weekly alternative newspaper, released its "Best of" poll results this week, and guess what? Pandora Boxx is Rochester's best drag queen. ... The musical "Chicago" is at the Auditorium. ... "Dear Stinkpot" is coming to the Central Library, in both the Art and the Local History divisions. (Knock on wood.)

  2. Happy B-day Lulu! The world isn't the same without ya!

  3. for anyone interested i posted another piece of my artwork featuring Louise earlier today on my blog to celebrate her b-day :)

  4. I absolutely cannot wait to read this sounds every bit as good (and better!) than I had anticipated. Thanks for the great review, and cheers to you, Brooksie.


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