Sunday, November 8, 2009

A atriz Louise Brooks era do balacobaco

A long Brazilian article (in Portuguese) about Louise Brooks was posted on the Parana-online website and can be found at

The Google translation function rendered it into English. and the article seems like a summation of Brooks' life and career. Check it out.


  1. ~~Happy Armistice Day ... et joyeux anniversaire, René Clair (1898)!~~

    Edilson makes the essential point that Brooks seduced the preservationists, Langlois and Card.

    The Translator does very well, certainly better than I could do in any number of blinks of an eye; but does it fall under Lulu’s spell when it translates “Era ou não era petulante a tipa?” as “Was or was not a petulant babe?”? I mean, how does it know this petulant tipa (type -- no slang about it) is an (ahem) “babe”?

    It is flummoxed by the headline, “A atriz Louise Brooks era do balacobaco”. “Balaco-baco”, says Professora Sonia Torres of UFF (Rio), is “a word meaning ‘wonderful, excellent’, in which one can hear the sound and the rhythm of drums.” How Br-Br-Brazilian and B-B-B-Brooksie! Consider “Samba de Maria Luiza”, by Antonio Carlos Jobim (whose Radio Lulu contender is “Luiza”).*

    Last month, in an article called “Essas mulheres inacessíveis” (“Those Inaccessible Women”), Edilson Pereira mentioned Brooks and Valentina (“the apex of lust in comic strips”), but separately. ... A year ago, another journalist in Curitiba, Angela Atunes, in an a piece called “Silent, But Hot”, selected Pandora’s Box for one of the 20 hottest scenes ("cenas 'mais quentes'") in cinema history.

    Parabens, brasileiros! Viva a Lulu!

    *Maria Luiza:
    Ana Luiza: (muita Luiza)


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