Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back in the USSR

I have seen this before - but here it is again. A scarce 1928 Soviet postcard depicting Louise Brooks. It is currently for sale on eBay.

Ironically (in the political sense), the portrait is by a former court photographer to the Austro-Hungarian empire, M.I. Boris. He fled his homeland around the time of WWI. Eventually, he ended up in New York City, where he came to work as a commercial portrait photographer. That's when this image was taken.

Some 90 years later, I had the chance to meet his son in San Francisco, and he showed me a number of original portraits of film stars taken by his father. There were some of W.C. Fields and two or three of Louise Brooks, including one inscribed to Boris from Brooks which read "To M.I. Boris, a true artist."

I am always impressed when I see something like this postcard or a vintage Japanese magazine cover or a Cuban matchbox featuring the image of Louise Brooks. Her stardom was truly international.

Here is the reverse of the postcard.


  1. that's one of my all time fave images of Louise and was the inspiration for my first colored pencil potrait of her that i did about 2 years ago. if you or anyone else here wants to see it, check the link. it was part of my very first blog post :)


  2. That's beautifully done, Artman.

  3. ty both for looking! the piece actually won 2nd place in the local art show here and my name was mentioned in the newspaper with Louise Brooks in the same sentence. i thought that was very cool indeed!


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