Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When You're in Love

When you're in love, you do things that maybe you shouldn't. . . or at least, you try harder, because.

Last weekend, I ventured to Sacramento where I spent a day at the State Library of California. It was, perhaps, my 20th visit to this library in search of Louise Brooks material. They have a large collection of California newspaper on microfilm. And, as one of my recent projects has been to document the screening of Brooks' films around the San Francisco Bay Area, I found I could dig through numerous and various city newspapers all in one place. I spent more than 5 hours doing just that.

Ouch. And nearly all for naught.

Never have I spent so much time with so little results! I only found three new listings, one for King of Gamblers (1937) and two for When You're in Love (1937) - two of the least interesting films in the Louise Brooks filmography.

Nevertheless, I duely recorded them. So far, here is what I have found regarding When You're in Love, the Grace Moore - Cary Grant musical romance. (Incidentally, my wife and I just rewatched this film recently and we could not spot Louise Brooks. We even used the freeze frame function.)

When You’re in Love Bay Area screenings: Orpheum in San Francisco (Feb. 26 – Mar. 3, 1937 with Breezing Home); Blanco’s Theatre in Mountain View (Mar. 23-26, 1937); Mayfield in Palo Alto (Mar. 28 - Apr. 2, 1937); Broadway in Burlingame (Apr. 1-10, 1937); Roxie in Oakland (Apr. 8-21, 1937); Casa Granada in Santa Clara (May 4-6, 1937); Alameda Theater in Alameda (May 28, 1937 with A Family Affair); Berkeley Theater in Berkeley (May 28, 1937 with Girl Overboard); Uptown in Oakland (June 8, 1937); Fruitvale in Oakland (June 11, 1937 with Personal Property); Fairfax in Oakland (June 15, 1937 with Personal Property); Piedmont in Oakland (June 27, 1937 with Her Husband Lies); Victory in San Jose (June 29-30, 1937); Strand in Berkeley (July 3-5, 1937 with Women of Glamour); Fruitvale in Oakland (July 4, 1937 with Personal Property); Palace in Oakland (July 4, 1937 with Parole Racket); Tower in Oakland (July 4, 1937 with Sign of the Cross); Parkway in Oakland (July 4-5, 1937 with Her Husband Lies); Fox U.C. in Berkeley (July 4-6, 1937 with Personal Property); Palace in Oakland (July 4-5, 1937 with Parole Racket); Lorin in Berkeley (July 8-10, 1937 with Parole Racket and Louis vs. Braddock fight picture); Granada in Oakland (July 8-10, 1937 with You Only Live Once); Capitol in Oakland (July 9-10, 1937 with Her Husband Lies); Gateway in Oakland (July 9-10, 1937 with Parole Racket); Eastmont in Oakland (July 16, 1937 with I Promise to Pay); Central in Oakland (Aug. 12-13, 1937 with Outcasts of Poker Flats); T&D in Oakland (Sept. 19-20, 1937 with Murder Goes to College); American in Oakland (Sept. 22-23, 1937 with You Only Live Once).

KTVU Channel 2 television broadcast (Oct. 3, 1959 and Feb. 7, 1960 and Oct. 22, 1960 and July 16, 1961 and Apr. 14, 1962 and Apr. 15, 1962 and Apr. 18, 1962); KNTV Channel 11 television broadcast (May 11, 1963 and Nov. 12, 1976 and Apr. 8, 1977 and Aug. 25, 1977).

When You're in Love is a pretty decent film. I have watched it a few times. It was written and directed by Robert Riskin, Frank Capra's brilliant right hand man and the creative force behind many of Capra's best films. It was the only film Riskin ever directed.

I expect I will be able to add a number of additional screenings to this list, once I have a chance to look at the second run listings in the San Francisco newspapers for 1937. That should be a productive search. Besides When You're in Love, I should find some additional listings for King of Gamblers, and if I am really lucky, Empty Saddles (1936).

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