Monday, August 31, 2009

Two silent films not on DVD that should be

On Friday, I wrote an article on titled "Six silent films not on DVD that should be." Please check it out.

Of course, two of my six suggestions were Louise Brooks' films. And of course, I want to see every one of her films on DVD. (Surprisingly, the W.C. Fields comedy, It's the Old Army Game (1926), is not on DVD - though just about every other Fields films is. The same goes for A Girl in Every Port (1928), directed by Howard Hawks. And then there is Love Em and Leave Em (1926), which is a good little film.)

However, I truly believe the two I suggested in my article, Beggars of Life, and The Street of Forgotten Men, deserve to be on DVD because they are especially fine films.

If you like silent film but are not necessarily a Brooks' fan, you will like these films.

I would enjoy hearing suggestions - either in the comments section following this blog, or in the comments section after the article - of films you believe also belong on DVD.

As more and more films get released on DVD, it's time to get the word out for those films silent film fans really want to see.

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  1. I want to see A Girl in Every Port, since that was an important role for her! But hmm, no, I'm just going to watch a film to see a glimpse of Louise walking down the street. I saw The Show-Off, and whenever she's on she's captivating, but the movie was mediocre, and it kind of broke my perception of silent films, since before I was hunting down films Louise was in I was into German Expressionism and more critically acclaimed films, rather than ones that just survived for some reason.


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