Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lulu - Peyote Beaded Bracelet

This nifty Peyote Beaded Bracelet, currently for sale on Itsy, was featured today on the local NBC website here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The bracelet features an image of Louise Brooks. Maria C. Baca, the nbcbayarea.com correspondent, wrote "We're impressed with anyone who does anything remotely crafty, but you have to agree that this bracelet is ridiculously awesome. Local jewelry maker Roia O'Brien strung together hundreds of beads to create this photographic-like image of flapper Louise Brooks ($468)."

O'Brien's Itsy description reads, "Handmade Art Deco style copper clasps adorn this beautiful beaded bracelet. The image of Louise Brooks, the original flapper is beaded using a peyote stitch. All the shading is created with various colored seed beads placed in just the right position to create an almost photographic effect. A copper lobster clasp and handmade chain, embellished with pale mint swarovski crystals and vintage charms secure Louise to your wrist at whatever length will fit you best."

I think it is kinda cool, and well done. If I were a girl and had an extra $468.00, I would snap it up (pun intended).


  1. Maybe you could buy it for your wife.

  2. @Christy...

    love your comment!

    -vincent, in buffalo

  3. That is GORGEOUS! What intricate work!

    Jen ^_^


  4. That's a little kitch, but that is work!

  5. I am the proud owner of this bracelet! LOVE it!


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