Wednesday, July 29, 2009

If we only had a time machine

If we only had a time machine, we could travel back to San Francisco on June 12, 1927 and take in one of three Louise Brooks films showing at four different neighborhood movie theaters. Both the Castro and the Coliseum were showing the now lost 1927 film, Evening Clothes. And, the Irving was showing the lost 1926 film, Just Another Blonde - while across town the New Balboa was screening Love Em and Leave Em (1926).

Imagine that, three different Louise Brooks showing at four different theaters in one city on the same day. If we only had a time machine.

1 comment:

  1. that would be cool BUT if i had a time machine and could go back to that era i would be much more interested in getting a hold of Louise herself... or Clara Bow if she was in the niehgborhood, heheheh!
    (hey if yer gonna do the time machine dream, do it BIG i say!)

    but what a bummer about those lost films.


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