Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vintage Austrian postcard for sale on eBay

This vintage Austrian photo postcard is for sale on eBay. The card, number 471 in a series, features a 1925 portrait of Louise Brooks by M.I. Boris, a New York City-based photographer active during the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Interestingly, Boris was once a court photographer to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. (Years ago, I met his son, and he told me his Father's story.) Boris was a gifted image maker, and thought of himself as an artist. Notice the cross-hatch lines and pastoral background in the Brooks' image.

I wonder if Boris knew his images had made their way back to his former home. Besides Louise Brooks, he also photographed many other early film stars - some of these images were reproduced by the Austrian postcard maker, Iris Verlag.


  1. M.I. Boris was a great artist...
    along with Witzel and other photographers that were lucky enough to ply their trade in the first few decades when cinema was born.

    M.I. Boris' unique method of etching / manipulating the glass plate negative directly-

    produced haunting images of an ethereal quality-
    a fusion of painting, photography and sculpture.

    -vincent, in buffalo


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