Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lulu in LA July 1st

Wow, Louise Brooks seems to be more popular than ever.

On July 1st, Pandora's Box will be shown at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. That historic venue seats nearly 2,000 - and this special screening has been sold out for some time.

Hugh Munro Neely, director of the 1998 Emmy-nominated documentary Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu, will host the evening. Acclaimed organist Robert Israel will accompany Pandora’s Box on the Mighty Wurlitzer. And Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, film buff, and a longtime fan of the actress, is sponsor.

My just published article on the event can be found on examiner.com. Please take a look.


  1. Local coverage today from NBC Los Angeles notes, "Tonight's movie is 'Pandora's Box,' and it features a comely Louise Brooks. Those severe bangs make us swoon. If you swoon too, but don't have tix, try the stand-by line."

  2. Hello. I have some queries about 2 photos that have seen labelled as Louise Brooks on another site, and i would just like to clarify if they are indeed Louise.

    You can find them here:


    I would be very grateful if you could confirm/deny. You can contact me at gwerkmeister@rocketmail.com


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