Monday, June 29, 2009

Is your daughter safe?

While researching Louise Brooks screenings in the San Francisco Bay Area, I came across this curious advertisement for a "sex exposure film" titled Is Your Daughter Safe. The film was released as a silent by the Chadwick Pictures Corporation in 1927. And, as is evident from the advertisement, it played locally at the California Theatre in Livermore (a suburb south and east of Oakland, California).

Interestingly, the ad reads in part, "owing to the delicate nature of this record-breaking road show entertainment and the intimate manner in which it is presented it cannot be shown to both sexes at the same time." As a result, there were separate screenings for both men and women.

From the ad, you would guess this is some sort of documentary or informational film. But it isn't. From what I could gleam from the Internet Movie Database, Is Your Daughter Safe is actually a lurid drama about white slavery (the sexual exploitation of young women) and prostitution. According to Wikipedia, the "film was created as a compilation of footage that was, in some cases, nearly fifteen years old."

Today, like Reefer Madness and other topical films, this film would be considered an "exploitation" film. Whatever the case, it certainly speaks to the fears of a certain segment of the American population during the 1920s.

Has anyone seen this film? Is it as bad as it seems it would be ?

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