Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Louise Brooks Singpore dilema: Can you help?

Just like the many vintage Czech articles I came across in the Czech National Library database (see my earlier blog entry), I have come across a digitized newspaper database of Louise Brooks articles and film advertisement from Singapore which are just beyond my grasp. Can any Singapore resident help?

The articles come from The Straits Times, and date from the late 1920's and early 1930's. My search results can be found here.  Among the search results is a 1930 article / review of The Canary Murder Case around the time of its showing in Singapore, as well as an article titled "Exit the Flapper" from 1935 which mentions the actress. How interesting !

However, when a non-Singapore resident such as myself attempts to access the articles, a message comes up: "Full page views are only available at the Multimedia Stations at all libraries. For more current archival news of The Straits Times, please see FAQ for details." If there is anyone in Singapore who reads this blog and would be able to visit the library to print out articles, I would be ever so grateful. And of course, I would pay for the copies and postage to send them to my home office in San Francisco.

[ I assume these articles are in English. But even if they are not, I would still like copies for my archive.]

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