Friday, March 6, 2009

A couple of bits

Just yesterday, I received word that a reprint of Beggars of Life is in the works. The book by Jim Tully, a celebrated bestseller in 1925, served as the basis of the 1928 Louise Brooks film of the same name. A reprint is expected in 2010. Kent State University Press will reissue the book, with a new introduction by speculative fiction writer Harlan Ellison. The press plans to reissue other Tully books as well. Scheduled for release this summer is Circus Parade, Tully's gritty novel of circus life, with a foreword by American Splendor author Harvey Pekar. As well as Shanty Irish, a memoir, with a foreword by independent film director John Sayles.

Recently, the university press took on the job of reviving interest in Tully, an Ohio-born writer who came to fame as a hobo-author and publicist for Charlie Chaplin. Along with reprints of Tully's own books, the press will also publish a long awaited biography of the author. I can't wait to read it. No date has been set on the release of the biography, which is nearing completion.

Speaking of things retro and cool . . . 

I came across a nifty website called And what caught my attention on this nice looking site was an extensive page devoted to the bob hairstyle. There is some good historical information, and lots of little seen illustrations. And of course, Louise Brooks is included. Check it out here.

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