Thursday, February 26, 2009

Whatever happened to the femme fatale?

The Independent ran an article in today's newspaper about next month's film series at the BFI celebrating vamps and femme fatales. The article by Sheila Johnston, "Whatever happened to the femme fatale?" mentions Louise Brooks, whose 1929 classic Pandora's Box will be included in the series. Johnston's article begins
They came prowling out of the shadows, wreathed in smoke, wisecracks and stolen mink; women no better than they should be, with only trouble in mind. They never needed to diet, displayed but a flickering interest in men for money, power and meaningless sex, and were more likely to accessorise with a gun than a Chihuahua.
Next month sees a monster celebration of the femme fatale in all her guises. Screened as part of the Birds Eye View women's film festival, some 30 movies will commemorate the vamp in silent cinema – the glorious likes of Louise Brooks and Theda Bara – and in later films up to today. A parallel event, at the BFI Mediatheque at QUAD, in Derby, highlights wicked ladies in British film and television in archive material that will be available to view indefinitely.
Be sure an click on the image of Rita Hayworth for additional images of femme fatales, including Brooks (and a rather revealing Theda Bara).

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