Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two new editions of Lulu in Hollywood

Two new editions of Lulu in Hollywood have just been released. 

Louise Brooks' acclaimed book of autobiographical essays, first published in the United States in 1982, have over the years been published in England and in translation in France, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Japan. Now comes two new editions - one from France and the other from Russia.

The new French edition was published in October by Tallandier. The book is 187 pages and has been translated by Rene Brest. I haven't yet gotten a copy, but plan to. It can be ordered through Amazon France or Amazon Canada. I usually order French-language books through because it it easier for me to navigate the site.

I don't know much about the Russian edition, except that it was published by a company called Rosebud (it may be their first publication), in cooperation with a Museum of Cinema.  Over the last year or two, I had been in email contact with a Russian publisher concerning a new edition of Lulu in Hollywood. Perhaps this is it.  My google translation add-on indicates, apparently, that the Louise Brooks Society, Estate of the Louise Brooks Estate, and the George Eastman House, all receive special thanks in this new edition.

More about this new edition can be found on this Russian-language LiveJournal page and on this Russian Cinematheque webpage. From what I can deduce, the publication of this new edition coincided with a mini-retropsective of Brooks' films in which three of the actresses films were screened along with Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu. Some of the links on the latter Russian-language webpage lead to a Russian-language filmography and discussion of Brooks' films.

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