Thursday, April 17, 2008

French radioprogram on Louise Brooks

Thank you Pascal, who pointed me to this webpage for a radiofrance program on Louise Brooks. The program, "Louise Brooks, l'insoumise d'Hollywood par Véra Feyder," can be accessed by the headphone link on the top right of the page. (The RealMedia program, which aired on April 13th, starts with a pop song.) The program is in French, of course, and seems to be some sort of dramatization. The cast includes

LOUISE BROOKS : Béatrice Agénin
UN REPORTER : Stéphane Valensi
MARY BROOKS : Evelyne Guimmara
PABST : Georges Claise
JAMES CARD : Patrice Bornan
GENINA : Lucciano Travaglino
Présentation : Stéphanie Duncan
Prise de son et mixage : Olivier Dupré
Montage : Adrien Roch
Assistante : Virginie Mourthé
REALISATION : Jacques Taroni
Can any of the many French speaking fans of Louise Brooks give a sense of what this program is all about?

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