Thursday, August 3, 2006

More bibliographic notes

Today's trip to the library was brief. I dug up a few film reviews from the Memphis Press Scimitar (from Memphis, Tennessee) and Waterbury Republican (from Waterbury, Connecticut), as well as Denishawn and film reviews from the Eau Claire Leader(from Eau Claire, Wisconsin). I also had the opportunity to go through the two major newspapers from Charleston, West Virginia - the Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail - where I obtained a number of articles and advertisements for Louise Brooks' films.

I also spent a few hours assessing my research strategy. I have been doing inter-library loans for five years. The first ILL was submitted November 1, 2001.  I know because I have a 48-page log detailing what I've requested, what I've received, and where it came from. I must have submitted hundreds of requests, and only a few times have I mistakenly requested material I've already looked at. I have amassed a ton of material. Some of that material will soon see the light of day. I promise.

While assessing my research strategy, I mapped out what I have left to do. There are still many more requests to be made - the bulk of which come from Pennslyvannia, New York, Kansas, Canada and a clump of "elsewhere." The search goes on.

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