Friday, July 7, 2006

Lulu in Boston

There is an article about Pandora's Box in today's Boston Globe. The article, by Wesley Morris, is titled "Decades later, 'Pandora's Box' is still enticing."
"No offense to the cast of Superman Returns, but you'd have your work cut out for you trying to find a more heroic star at a movie theater this weekend than Louise Brooks, who in 1929 showed up as Lulu, the free-spirited single woman inPandora's Box, G.W. Pabst's vital and timeless silent tragedy. It wasn't merely that Brooks, with her short, dark, razor-sharp haircut, had screen presence. She had her own gravitational pull, which even today defies resistance. And, in so many ways, that's the force powering this movie, which runs at the Brattle today through Monday in a pristine new print."
The article can be read in full here. Do check it out.


From Boston's (which can be found online here)

Pandora’s Box  //  July 7, 2006 - July 10, 2006

Helen of Troy’s face may have launched a thousand ships, but Louise Brooks’s Lulu made men buy expensive love nests, commit suicide, break off engagements, gamble their money away, commit brutal murders and even join the Salvation Army. And that’s just the first half hour. The Brattle is unveiling a new 35mm print of this 1929 German masterpiece, which includes a scene where Lulu encounters cinema’s very first lesbian.   $9.00

Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St.
Harvard Sq.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 876 - 6837

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