Friday, June 16, 2006

Pandora's Box (Unrated)

More and more articles about LB. This  brief review appears in today's edition of the Christian Science Monitor.

Pandora's Box (Unrated)
Director: Georg Wilhelm Pabst. With Louise Brooks, Fritz Kortner. (100 min.)
2006 is the centennial of actress Louise Brooks, and to honor it, her greatest film, "Pandora's Box," is being released in a new 35-mm print in New York's Film Forum before being taken around the country. Brooks was a silent-era starlet of minor stature before appearing, improbably but unforgettably, in two Pabst classics in 1929. In "Pandora" she plays Lulu, the blithe vixen with a boyish bob haircut who drives men to their doom. Brooks's erotic appeal combined clean-cut wholesomeness (she was raised in Kansas) with a devastating sensuality. Happy 100th! Grade: A
- P.R.
If anyone else spots any other articles, please let me know. There is most likely going to be a flurry of material coming out of New York City.

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