Tuesday, June 20, 2006


On Saturday July 15th, a new 35mm print of Pandora's Box will be shown at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, as part of the annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival. (See www.silentfilm.org for details). Also showing earlier that day is a French film, Au Bonheur Des Dames (1930). I haven't seen that film - but it looks very promising.

I will be introducing Pandora's Box. I have also been asked to program a short musical selection to be played in the theater prior to Pandora's Box and Au Bonheur Des Dames. I plan to put together a Louise Brooks-themed set and a French musical set (featuring Parisian music of the 20's and early 30's) - each lasting about 25 minutes. There will be some musical rarities to be heard, and some selections from RadioLulu. If you are there, it will be a treat for the ears. I promise.

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