Monday, June 26, 2006

Louise Brooks: Lulu Forever

Yesterday, I finished reading Louise Brooks: Lulu Forever, the new book by Peter Cowie. I had been sent the page proofs, because I will be writing something about the book prior to publication. (The book is due in stores October 31st - a couple of weeks prior to the 100th anniversary of Louise Brooks' birth. BTW: want to get a signed copy? Contact the Booksmith in San Francisco. They will be hosting an event with the author in early November.)

This new book is heavily illustrated (it is a coffee table book), though it contains a long essay on Brooks, her life, and her films. (I think Cowie distills the myth of Louise Brooks = the myth of Lulu - in a satisfactory way.) Most fascinating to me are the anecdotes about Brooks (Cowie visited with her in Rochester) and the excerpts from the correspondence that Cowie and Brooks had over the course of a number of years. Page proofs are a little "rough" - I can't wait to see a finished copy. I think Louise Brooks fans will like this book.

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